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UX Design
User Experience Design is absolutely in everything we do. My approach to UX includes every step of the journey with the user, both on and offline. The best experiences don't make you aware that it's even happening; The user gets what they need quickly, easily and want to return often.
The way we all find, receive and interpret information vastly varies even within the same culture. Increasingly we rely on the efficiency and dynamic imagery of infographics to represent lengthy, dense concepts. It's a powerful tool when scaling your ideas and work in your community or the world.
A successful product is built on knowing your users. This is an important part of User Experience, and surviving in the marketplace. Putting the right tools in place in the beginning of your process, helps you understand what works, what doesn't -- and testing informs how to improve and stay relevant.
UX Design
 Connecting professionals of all vocations to barter their services for another.
User All vocational and avocational skilled individuals who are looking to barter their services for another. Challenge
Compiling all the existing professional trade societies and associations (scattered and unseen), and making them easily accessible via location based search. As well as creating a central place for new talent to register for the services exchange. User Flows, Wire framing, Prototype with Axure, User Testing
Creating a budget that makes it as easy to impulsively save as it is to impulsively spend.
Responsive User Patelco Credit Union members; "blue collar" legacy members, seniors, young families building credit Challenge
Educate and empower members to better understand and manage their own finances. User research, wire framing in Balsamiq, user testing
An online hub for parents and administrators to buy, accesorize & donate uniforms.
for Social Good User Private school, quality and price conscious parents; busy school administrators with the outlook "no student left behind". Challenge
Online only retailer needed to break into an established school uniform market. Create unique experience: Easily try on and return clothes, as well as donate old clothes using the provided packaging and EZ return policy. Comparative analysis, prototype in Invision, User Testing
What do UX designers even do?
Test & Iterate I use both online metrics and user research and testing to build better websites and customer service experiences. Google Analytics and Klout are just the surface. Interviews, qualitative data and product testing get at the heart of how your user finds, perceives and uses your business to enhance their quality of life. Testing saves you time, money and endless frustration. Your results, and interpretation of the data, become your best practices when you truly understand your audience.
Happy User & Business Action Rates %
Hank Knaack, UX Designer I do work that focuses on making people's lives better. I'm in an ongoing battle with Jerry Seinfeld for being the #1 Google image search of "laughing with cigar." For more work samples or resume, drop me a line!
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